Choose from one of our courses below or alternatively email us and we can create a bespoke course to suit your riding style and needs.

Riding a bike and thinking about your body position, line choice, and bike set up, all whilst looking where you are going and being one step ahead of the trail can be tricky !

My time spent in outdoor education, working with other mountain bike coaches and spending time with bike racer’s has honed my coaching style.

Using simple language and a focus on the key riding points (Vision, Body Position, Braking, Footwork, Dynamics and Flow) we will look at each of these points individually and then link them together to help improve your riding. 

Book a 1 to 1 or small group course with friends for the best learning experience.

1 to 1 

The best kind of session, personalized, progressive, and fruitful for any rider looking to expand their riding potential from trail to competition. And all at your own pace.

If you want to see small incremental, safe and structured improvement this is for you. You will leave the session positively charged to ride the trails better. A happier and more confident rider. All of the below courses are suitable as a 1 to 1, or we can build a session for your exact needs.

1 to 1 - 3hrs  £95.00

 1 to 1 - 6hrs  £190.00

1 to 2 people - 3hrs £150.00  

1 to 2 people - 6hrs  £245.00

Club / Group / Mates Coaching 

£150.00 for 3hrs for 3 people plus £35.00 per additional rider up to maximum of 6 riders. 

£250.00 for 6hrs for 3 people plus £35.00 per additional rider up to maximum of 6 riders.